10 Top Model Bollywood Actresses You Should Know About

Read on as we take you through some of our favorite Bollywood models.

We are talking about the hottest models who turned into actors, and have proved themselves in more than one area of ​​glitz, glamor, and a ton of talent.

top model bollywood actresses

The model Bollywood actress is how we like to refer to her, and we are totally inspired by her journey. If you don’t know exactly who is on this list, then you are in for a surprise. Read on as we take you through some of our favorite Bollywood models.

1) Aishwarya Rai

This blue-eyed beauty has not only won the hearts of every Indian, But his dazzling smile and endless panache have made waves in international waters as well. A highly intelligent girl from childhood and an epitome of grace in adulthood and motherhood now, Aishwarya’s story remains the same through the ages. Her Mangalorean roots far outweighed the allure of Bollywood, but her drop-dead-gorgeous self was the talk of the town even after she was very old.

2) Bipasha Basu

This Bengali beauty with the most expressive eyes we’ve ever seen is also a model Bollywood actress, and she does everything from movies to pictures. She is undoubtedly one of the fittest women in the industry with a huge fan following.

3) Deepika Padukone

Runners, actor, and model, Deepika Padukone is nothing less than a sensation! Those dim smiles could be the key to our hearts too! She, too, walked the runway before ruling the silver screen, and we absolutely can’t help but be in awe.

4) Sushmita Sen

Universe’s most beautiful female plus model-actress India? Sushmita Sen! No, we are not the only ones to say this at all. Sushmita Sen, who has previously won the title of Miss Universe, is one of the most beautiful models in Bollywood.

5) Priyanka Chopra

Her career paved the way for this actress’s greatness and becoming a model-actress, and it also won her the crown of Miss World in the year 2000.

6) Dia Mirza

top model bollywood actresses

You must have seen her on-screen and wondered how anyone can be so beautiful, But his existence is not a dream at all, no matter how dreamlike they may be.

7) Katrina Kaif

The babydoll look that Katrina carries so well is to die for – and every reader will agree. She is exceptionally sexy, and at the age of 14, a jewelry campaign launched her into the modeling industry.

8) Preity Zinta

As of now, it is also a very well-established fact that we are suckers for dimples! And if so, then it is a given that we have seen Preity Zinta every time on-screen or off-screen.

9) Zeenat Aman

This list would have been incomplete without a mention of this timeless beauty and model Bollywood actress and her many, cherished qualities.

10) Neha Dhupia

Bold, elegant, and always speaking her mind, Neha Dhupia has been in the news for all the right reasons! A successful modeling career made her a much-loved actress by the audience.

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