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11% increase in water arrears in one year, bulk defaulters still not punished

It is revealed from the data of the Water Works Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation that the bulk consumers.

Nagpur: One of the reasons for the absolutely uncertain finances of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is the rising water arrears. The dues have increased by almost 11% in about a year – from about Rs 182.7 crore on the date of April 1, 2021, to Rs 204.37 crore as of March 31, 2022.

bulk defaulters

It is revealed from the data of the Water Works Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation that the bulk consumers – Including spacious housing apartments, Indian Railways, and very large commercial establishments – He is at the top of the list of defaulters. Sources also attribute this poor state to the reluctance of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation to take very strict action against bulk consumers. And instead, action is taken against very small defaulters.

The initial arrears of arrears as of 1st April 2021 were approximately Rs 187.7 crores – In which wholesale consumers had the largest share. Subsequently, Nagpur Municipal Corporation also generated fresh bills of about Rs 170.83 crores and then the total demand for water bills has been worked out to around Rs 372.65 crores. But even Nagpur Municipal Corporation was able to recover less than half the amount for about Rs 177.78 crore.

Out of the revenue of about Rs 177.78 crore, Nagpur Municipal Corporation had also deposited about Rs 168.28 crore in the escrow account of OCW.

The outstanding dues of wholesale consumers as of the date of April 1, 2021, were about Rs 52.62 crore. After the issue of fresh bills of about Rs.86.9 crores, Out of which only about Rs 83.36 crore was collected, the arrears have increased to Rs 55.27 crore.

NMC to recover the dues from the culprits

Even after the bulk consumers, the Ashi Nagar zone is still second in the list of defaulters in about 10 zones. The arrears of these zones have increased from about Rs 24.7 crore in the year 2021 to about Rs 29.98 crore in the year 2022. Even with an annual bill of around Rs 7.49 crore, Nagpur Municipal Corporation has been completely successful in collecting around Rs 6.36 crore.

In the zone of Satranjipura, which tops the list of non-revenue water, In that, the outstanding amount has increased from about Rs 24.21 crore and has increased to Rs 29.68 crore.

A senior official of the department has also said that the Nagpur Municipal Corporation regularly conducts very special drives to recover the dues, In which the disconnection drives of the defaulters are also included.

Sources have attributed this situation solely to the lax attitude of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation to recover the dues from the culprits. The Water Works Department and Orange City Water, which operates the city’s water service, Target only small defaulters. Sources have told that after all, have you ever come to know that the water connection of any big defaulters had been disconnected? not at all.

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