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3 persons robbed by burglars worth 1.8 lakhs near New Kamptee in Nagpur

Nagpur has been witnessing some of the lead roles in crime and specially robbery. Witnessing the same, 3 people at a marriage ceremony were robbed with their gold ornaments and cash worth 1.8 lakhs. Unprepared of such a heed moment coming ahead, these people were all dressed and decorated with their precious jewellery for the marriage ceremony. However, a mishap changed things as the burglars entered the place looting a total of 1.8 lakhs cash and gold jewellery.

Some unidentified burglars robbed 3 people near the marriage hall of New Kamptee road in Nagpur on Sunday night worth 1.8 lakh including cash and ornaments.

According to the complaint filed in the police records, the prime complainant, Vinod Fattuji Lokhande, 47, who stays near Manas Mandir next to Nari Road of Nagpur had gone to Bhatia Lawn of new kamptee road to attend a marriage function. He was accompanied with his wife for this function who was all showed up with heavy jewellery.

Taking advantage of the crowd, 3 robbers stole the mangalsutra of his wife worth 1.10 lakhs. They also stole a mobile phone worth 5000 and Rs. 3000 cash from Niraj Nikose making it a total of 1.8 lakhs, as reported to the cops.

New Kamptee police inspector Kandekar has filed a complaint under section 379 of IPC and taken a search warrant against the burglars. The police have started their investigation and are looking for robbers, however nothing much has yet been identified yet.

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