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3 smugglers arrested with MD, now priced at Rs 2,000 per gram

Sources have also said that the price of MD medicine in the international market is around Rs 10,000 per gram.

Nagpur: Latest action of Special Cell of Crime Branch, Who arrested three smugglers and recovered MD drugs worth more than four lakh rupees. has also given rise to the fact that after the Mumbai cruise drugs case, the price of the narcotic variety has started rising in the state, Which had also caught national attention last year.

arrested with md

Sources have also said that the price of MD medicine in the international market is around Rs 10,000 per gram. Along with this, the adulterated variety was earlier available in the Indian markets for about Rs 1,200 per gram, But after the case of Mumbai cruise drugs, its price ranges from around Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,200 per gram or more. And MD medicine is also supplied mainly from Mumbai.

Although the reason behind the increase in its prices is still not clear at all, It is also learned that some goons have also resorted to selling the drug to earn some quick cash. And in its latest action, many similar facts have come to the fore.

Drug trafficking charges

The three arrested people have been identified as Sanu Kodape, Aman Khare, and Priyanshu Gajbhiye. It also seems that he was gang-raped not only because of his addiction but also to earn some money. The crime branch team under addl CP Sunil Phulari, head constable Rajesh Deshmukh, DCP Akshay Shinde, Asst PI Suraj Suroshe, and others has also nabbed the gang from a secret location.

Aman Khare, who already had a murder case, He had also made the maximum investment after Priyanshu Gajbhiye and Sanu Kodape with the aim of selling MD in Nagpur district at around Rs 2,500-3,000 per gram. He had also bought the drug from Sion in Mumbai for around Rs 2,000-2,200 per gram. Apart from confiscating about 41 grams of MD, the police have also recovered the mobile phone number of a supplier operated from Sion.

The police have also said that Priyanshu Gajbhiye had been caught on drug trafficking charges earlier as well. Sources have also told that the drug addicts started smuggling drugs to raise money to bear this costly addiction. An official associated with this investigation has said that ‘After the case of Mumbai cruise, some goons like Aman Khare are also planning to sell the MD.

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