5 Must-Have Business Strategies For 2022

What’s Your Game Plan For The New Year?

 In another couple of months, we’ll be saying goodbye to 2021. To use the business jargon, you are down to the fourth and last quarter of the year. Have you developed a strategic business plan for 2022?

5 Must-Have Business Strategies For 2022
5 Must-Have Business Strategies For 2022

If you haven’t, you ought to start giving it some serious thought because:

Uncertainties continue to grow with the pandemic
Markets are more unpredictable
Travel is slowing down
Businesses are postponing plans


And who knows what 2022 has in store for us? With Covid19 playing spoilsport, anything can happen. That’s why businesses are becoming more resilient, adaptable, and proactive. These buzzwords combined with technology and innovation will help you avoid any knee-jerk reactions in 2022 and beyond.

Above all, it’s time to draft a sound business plan that will align you with current business trends. Five strategies should be a part of your business plans for 2022. Let’s unpack them one after the other.

Key Business Strategies To Adopt For 2022 And Beyond 

Think Global, Stay Local

Before the pandemic invaded us, it was all about globalization. It is amazing to think how things have turned themselves on their head within just a couple of years! In the pre-Covid era, geographical barriers didn’t exist for those who wanted to expand their business globally.

Now, you have to think twice before you can book your tickets to meet your clients or partners abroad. That’s why businesses should refocus their efforts on local and domestic markets.

Here’s what you should do in 2022 to “stay local”:

Redouble your efforts to strengthen business in your home turf
Don’t abandon your local operations
Continue to nurture all existing and new customer relationships


Will you be able to go global in 2022? Maybe. Until that happens, focus on operations you can sustain for the long term.  Also, keep your eyes open for potential opportunities in the future. 

Give Importance To Employee Priorities

If you’ve abandoned your rigid rules and regulations after 2020, well and good. If not, it is high time you did so. A survey by The Morning Consult says that 39% of employees won’t hesitate to quit if their employers force them to give up working from home.

Work rules and priorities have changed since 2020. The quality of life has taken precedence over big salaries and attractive incentives. Your employees have also been put through the gauntlet, trying to juggle work while battling financial, emotional, and physical trauma. Hence, if you try to re-transition your work rules, it may not go well with your workforce.

Since remote working is the new norm, you can invest in HRAPP to monitor your workforce and ensure productivity.

Provide upskilling opportunities

Don’t look at upskilling as only a means of attaining success. Going forward, you need to provide such opportunities to attract and retain employees. With an evolving workforce in 2022, upskilling will be a critical area you don’t want to miss.

Experts say upskilling is the way to future-proof your workforce because employee turnover will burn a hole in your pocket. To upskill, you can:

Introduce Learning & Development (L&D) programs
Implement job rotation within the organization
Give additional activities to employees in an existing role
Encourage peer coaching amongst colleagues
Introduce mentorship programs for new hires
Outsource professionals and specialists
Implement digital upskilling tools


Offering upskilling and retraining opportunities for employees will result in a more engaged and discretionary workforce.

Hasten your digital transformation

Have you transitioned to the cloud yet? Many companies that commenced their cloud transition 2020 hastened the process, thanks to the pandemic. In 2021, most business strategies have focused on remote or hybrid working and virtual communication.

Here’s a fact: Even if the world returns to normalcy, online business workflow is not going anywhere. Plume, the smart home and small business solutions provider, predicts that by 2024 there will be 8.4 billion digital voice assistants. Hence, you need to step up your cloud transition to gear up for the next stage of digital commerce. If you’ve halted your transition to the cloud, restart it and keep it going until complete.

Create a “people strategy.

For many businesses, their workforce has become the single biggest challenge ever since the pandemic. Employees are increasingly worried about many issues like:

Work arrangements
Work schedule
Mental health support
Financial support
Advancement opportunities


Leaders need to address these issues in their business plans for 2022. You may need:

Good corporate culture to identify areas for improvement
Tools like Flowtrack to improve productivity
Measures to improve employee morale, trust, and loyalty
 Inclusion of team-building activities and learning sessions for cohesiveness


These are extraordinary times when employees are extremely selective about workplace arrangements. Hence, you should address employee needs and cultivate a great culture to become the most chosen employer of 2022.

The Final Say

You cannot change the unpredictability of the pandemic or whatever else the future has in store for us. But as a business leader, you compose your business strategies accordingly. Now is the time to reflect, remember, and implement the monumental steps that moved companies ahead in difficult times.

Prepare your organization to face 2022 head-on and emerge successfully with solid growth. Invest in a comprehensive and advanced HR platform like HRAPP, to manage time tracking, employee monitoring, payroll management and so much more. 

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