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7.6 Degree Celsius: December 21, the coldest in the last 20 years

Nagpur has been the coldest in the state just a day ago, where the minimum temperature was recorded at 7.8 degrees Celsius.

Nagpur: This was the coldest day of December 21 in Nagpur district in the last 20 years. This is revealed by the data of the Meteorological Department. On Tuesday, the minimum temperature of the same year in the city has been recorded at 7.6 degrees Celsius. Due to which it had become the second coldest city in the Vidarbha region. And the temperature of 7.4°C has been the coldest in the Gadchiroli region.

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From the data provided by the Regional Meteorological Center (RMC), Nagpur authorities, it is found that in the last 20 years, Nagpur has recorded the lowest minimum temperature as of 21st December in this season itself. And before that, the lowest was in the year 2010. When the minimum mercury level on the same date was around 8.1 degrees Celsius.

Nagpur has been the coldest in the state just a day ago, where the minimum temperature was recorded at 7.8 degrees Celsius.

According to officials, the temperature this December is unusually low due to northerly winds.

He has said that the level of this mercury in North India is very low and at present, the wind is coming from the north here. And the wind direction is expected to change very soon. When the flow will turn southeast. They are then expecting the temperature to rise.

Possibility of increasing the temperature

There is also a possibility of increasing the temperature after the date of 23 December. According to the bulletin of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), cold wave conditions may also form in different parts of the Vidarbha region in the next 2 days.

On Tuesday also, Regional Meteorological Center had issued a cold wave warning for Nagpur district. Officials said similar warnings are issued when the temperature drops below about 10 degrees Celsius and they depart from the normal temperature at about 4.5 degrees Celsius or more.

The minimum temperature of Nagpur on Tuesday was about 5 degrees below normal.

Apart from Buldhana and Akola, most of the districts of the Vidarbha region recorded the minimum temperature at 11.2 and 11 degrees Celsius, respectively.

Officials have also advised citizens to ensure a few layers of clothing and minimize travel to avoid exposure to cold air.

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