Abdullah Asim Shatters the Youth’s Excuses

Human nature is to find excuses for not doing an assigned task and postponing it. The inbuilt laziness compels us not to complete an assignment & keep delaying. This excuse machinery is fueled by our ability to invent justifications.

Now, these justifications can be divided into two categories. Lame Excuses, if someone else is doing so. Solid Reasons, if we ourselves are practicing them. How smart!

It is not a national or regional issue as most people think that if they were born in the USA instead of Pakistan, they would be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerbergs by now. The people actually born in the States might imagine they were billionaires if they were born in the Moon owning all the platinum. LOL!

Similarly, multiple people born in a village tend to think that they would be the new Malik Riaz provided they were born into a city. Many attempting ISSB think they would be selected for Army IF they were born in a cantonment. And the list would go ON!

Abdullah Asim – A Young Entreprenuer

Today, I am going to share the story of Abdullah Asim, who was born with a Bronze spoon (not a golden spoon), in a middle-class family (no elites no nawabs). He was nor a Saulwin Pass (neither a Harvard graduate). And a tween-ager (not a gray-haired baba) who succeeded in establishing a business with an investment of ZERO RUPEES (not a million).

The things in brackets are those which most people try to justify themselves for being ZEROs and claim that these are the things it takes to become HEROes.

Allow me to reveal Abdullah’s story with you for a kilogram of self-reflection. Let’s dive in!

Born into the Right Place

Abdullah Asim was born into an average family in an average (or below average if you are from Upper Punjab) city, with average resources and average financial background. What I am trying to convey here is that there was nothing extraordinary in the beginning. He was a naive young fellow just like every other.

He was studying at a school when he explored that he could earn money using Facebook. The very platform that was used as a means of flirt by masses at that time. Instead of using the platform to trifle, he decided to make a living out of it. Extraordinary? Yes!

Level 1

Being determined to work, he earned his first money in the same year i.e. 8th grade. He had not made the excuse that most teenagers usually make that “I am just a boy right now. My parents are supporting me. I am doing aish on my daddy’s cash etcetera.” You can see where this is going, right.

Level 2

Okay, let’s continue. Once the majority cross level 1 somehow. They start working. But after a while, they notice that it is not a das Rupay wala cupcake, they try to escape. There are a ton of excuses for this like, “I am not meant for this”, “I am a prince, and princes don’t work. PeOpLe WoRk FoR mE”, “this is tough. I am burger”, “I will do it to mo rr ow”, “I am so tired today” etcetera.

Abdullah survived this phase of attack too by staying focused and determined on the track. It is not like these things didn’t tempt him but he was stronger enough to resist them and keep going!

Having busted the startup excuses of Level & Level 2, we’ll continue analyzing his story in the next article. Please let me know in the comment section if you have experienced one of these temptations while doing a task.

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