All India Under-14 Tennis Tourney Hosted in Nagpur.

Nagpur city has always been known to promote the young talent of the city and the nation in the field of sports. Once again, there are attempts to gain more athletes and players to be a part of the sports association and to show their talent.

This time, MSLTA Yonex Subrise All India Under 14 Tennis Tournament will be conducted by the Nagpur Hardcourt Tennis Association in association with MOIL. The tournament will begin from October 14. It will be hosted on the courts of MSLTA Academy in Ramnagar.

The information has been provided by NDHTA. National district Hardcourt Tennis Association (NDHTA) is the head association to control tennis tournaments in the country. The secretary of NDHTA, Dr Sudhir Bhiwapurkar has spoken to the media. He informed that they will be conducting three major tournaments this season. These tournaments include Under 14 Championship Series, Under 16 Champion Series and the Under 12 Super Series.

he also clarified the important dates regarding the tournaments. The Under 14 Champion series will be held fro October 14. Under 16 Champion series will take place from November 18. In the end, we will witness the Under 12 Super Series at the beginning of December. The expected date is the 9th of December.

He also said that the sign-in of Under 14 Champion series will be held on October 11 from 12 noon to 2 P.M. The qualifying matches will take place on Saturday and Sunday. From October 14, main draw matches of the tournament will begin.

Players from multiple states which includes Rajasthan, Maharastra, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh Telangana will be participating. So far, the participation of 43 boys and 18 girls has been confirmed.

The entry fees for the tournament will be Rs. 600 for the singles and Rs. 700 for doubles. As per the AITA rules, the player will also be given an allowance of Rs 400 per day. The winner, runner-up and second runner-up will get trophies where certificates will be given to all the participants.

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