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Amazon Fit India Quiz Answers : Play And Win 25,000Rs, 4 Prizes

Amazon Fit India Quiz: 1 May To 15 May 2020

Today’s Amazon Quiz Details:

  • Amazon quiz today prize – 25,000₹
  • Amazon quiz Date – 01st May  To 15th May2020
  • Winners List Will Declare On – 30th Jun 2020
  • Winner:4

How To Enter Into Quiz:

How To Play Amazon Quiz
How To Play Amazon Quiz
  1. Download Amazon Mobile App
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Click on Menu Button
  4. Scroll Down and Find QuizTime Daily 8AM-12PM

Amazon Quiz Answers – May 01, 2020 


Which of these food items have proven benefits in boosting immunity?
The Answer is- All of These

Question 2:

Which of these is an ancient asana in Yoga, also known as the ‘Lotus position’ where one sits in a cross legged position. Its practice is known to calm the brain and promote good posture.

The Answer is- Padmasana

Question 3:

Which of these can be defined as the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing?

The Answer is- Mindfulness

Question 4:

Which of these is a popular breathing exercise that helps in relaxing the mind?
The Answer is- Pranayama

Question 5 : Which of the below methods are ways you can reduce stress and anxiety, and promote positive mental health?
The Answer is- All of the Above

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