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Amazon World Heart Day Quiz Answers: Participate And Win Apple Watch (1 Winner)

World Heart Day Quiz Live From 23rd Sep to 3rd Oct 2020

Amazon World Heart Day Quiz Answer
Amazon World Heart Day Quiz Answer

Amazon World Heart Day Quiz Details:

1) Prize: Win An Apple Watch
2) Date: 22nd Sep To 3rd Oct 2020
3) Winner Wil Be Announced On 30th Oct 2020
4) Total Winner: 1

How To Participate In Amazon World Heart Day Quiz:

  • To Get Amazon Quiz Answers
  • log in to Amazon
  • Go to the search section
  • Search fun zone
  • Select Funzone Icon
  • Search for Amazon World Heart Day Quiz

Amazon World Heart Day Quiz Answers –

Q1: On December 3, 1967, 53-Year-Old Louis Washkansky Received The First ____ Transplant. Fill In The Blank.
Answer 1: Heart

Q2: How Many Chambers Are There In A Human Heart?
Answer 2: 4

Q3: Which Part Of The Heart Gets Its Name From The Latin Word For ‘Belly’?
Answer 3: Ventricle

Q4: Which Of These Hashtags Is Being Promoted By The World Heart Federation In Observance Of World Heart Day 2020?
Answer 4: #UseHeart

Q5: The Idea Of World Heart Day Was Conceived By Antoni Bayés De Luna, Who Was The President Of Which Organization From 1997-99?
Answer 5: World Heart Federation

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