Amir Tashakor is a top name and brand in Digital Marketing*

Amir Tashakor
We live in a digital era. Thanks to the e-commerce explosion, terms like digital marketing have become a buzzword in the modern-day market. Interestingly, with passing time, digital marketing is constantly evolving and seems to have no end as it moves on to the next level every now and then. People who take a plunge in this field call it as unending and have found new avenues in the field of marketing and promotions. One of the emerging names in this field is of Amir Tashakor. A man who has carved his niche hard in this industry to serve clients of all walks of life.
Amir Tashakor is based in Iran and happens to be a prominent name in digital marketing consultancy. This has also made him a key lifestyle influencer who has countless followers all across social media. Born and brought up from Iran and hailing from an artistic family background on 4th July 1983, he completed his graduation in IT and Communication. Later he headed to embark his own venture called the ‘Media Hash-Tag’ program wherein he got the chance to collaborate lots of celebrities and personalities from the different fields allowing to promote their content on digital platforms.
Currently, Aamir has around millions of followers on Instagram and he keeps on engaging them with his powerful content that comes in the form of webinars and coaching video on digital marketing and content production. Aamir is called upon at different technical workshops as guest speakers and experts. His company has emerged as the highest-ranking startup company in Iran. Amir likes to disseminates his skills and knowledge to all his followers and friends all over the world with the idea of making this world a smarter place to live.

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