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Amravati curfew relaxed from 7 am to 9 pm

According to the CP, the amendment was made to remove this fear among all the people and to normalize life in the city as soon as possible.

Amravati: District Amravati Police Commissioner Aarti Singh, keeping in mind the timetable of various colleges and schools of the entire city and the demand of the citizens and business community, By issuing a revised curfew order on Monday, relaxation has been given from 7 am to 9 pm from Tuesday.

amravati curfew

This night curfew will remain in force from 9 pm to 7 am.

According to the CP, the amendment was made to completely remove this fear among all the people and normalize life in the city very soon.

Leader of the opposition in the assembly whose name is Devendra Fadnavis, After his tour, where the process of arresting BJP leaders has stopped, At the same time, the police officers also paid attention to Shiv Sena on Monday and its mahanagar chief Parag Gudadhe, District president Rajesh Wankhade, have been arrested.

Deputy Pratik Dukare and Sunil Taut for their alleged involvement in the violence dated November 13. In the evening, both of them were produced in the court.

Police also arrested 2 youths

After about 10 days of this violence, the courtyard of the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee has opened on Monday, Due to which the purchase and sale of grains have been facilitated.

Meanwhile, Police have also arrested two youths Pratik Sunil Dhumale (21) and Tushar Laxman Harne (22), both residents of Arjun Nagar here, for throwing a huge divider stone over the flyover at SRPF PSI Anil Ambhore (47) on the date night of 18 November. When the jawan was on duty at Rajkamal Chowk.

Police officials have said that both the accused have confessed to committing the crime. And now a case has been registered against him for committing an offense under various sections of the IPC. Police officials have said that the two-wheeler used in this crime has been confiscated.

Along with this, in another development also, the police officers have asked former BJP ministers Pravin Pote and Jagdish Gupta to stay out of the city for 20 days.

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