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An Imperfect Nagpurian Biker Receives A Fine Of Rs.10,300 From A Perfect Policeman

Each and every single day, these traffic policemen standing out whole day in the scorching heat clearly warn people to obey the traffic rules. The sad part is that people don’t give a heed to what the policeman is saying. But then, they expect forgiveness from the same policeman on disobeying his instructions! In another incident, one such biker was caught by the traffic police red-handed who tried violating the traffic rules but ultimately, fined!

As we all know that “Sadak Suraksha Saptah” is going on; traffic police are trying their best to make people aware of mistakes that they most commonly do. With some much going on during this week, traffic police is also acting strictly and making sure that people obey the rules. If they don’t obey, they are made to pay for it. One such biker was caught recently by the Indora Traffic Police. The police caught the biker which resulted in him; paying a hefty amount for the fine! The speedy biker was charged fine under various Acts of Traffic Violation.

The imperfect biker received a challan from the perfect policeman (City Traffic Police Department). He violated the rules of Motor Vehicles Act. This ended him in a situation where he had to pay an amount of Rs 10,300 for the fine charged against him. The name of the biker is Ankush S Kamble who owns a Royal Enfield Bullet bike. He was neither having the documents of the bike, nor a registration. Also, he didn’t have insurance and most importantly the helmet while driving.

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