Are SMM Panels Illegal, Fraud or Scam? Know the Truth

Everyone who is getting started with SMM Panels feels a little uneasy, “Is it safe?”, “Am I doing something wrong?”, and recent action against SMM Panels owners by an SIT has only fuelled this anxiety. 

To ease the fears and reservations of our readers, we are going to discuss if SMM panels are illegal, fraud or scam.

And the answer is – NO.

Why? Because Every country has its own set of rules and regulations and no country in the world including India has any laws in place that imposes restrictions on the sales and/or use of SMM services. 

Every business has a few bad players who are only out to get money. And SMM Market is the same, some panels are definitely fraudsters and scammers and we advise everyone to stay far away from them. 

SMM Panels
SMM Panels

But SMM Panels themselves are safe to use, and not illegal. Action is only taken against those Panel owners who are proven to have scammed their customers.

If the SMM Panels you are using is a trusted one, then you are doing nothing wrong, and everything’s safe. 

Now, when it comes to selecting a trusted panel, we used over 200 SMM panels to find the safest and most trustworthy one. 

Sadly, over 150 of the ones we tested were indulging in fraudulent activities – we do not recommend these panels. 

And out of the ones which we deem safe, comes out on top. Not only is it safe, and trusted by hundreds of thousands of users, it is also the most efficient SMM Panel in the market.

If you wish to start using an SMM Panel, and can’t decide which panel to choose, don’t think twice and sign up at SMM Quality to get the best in class SMM services. 

Important: A small note we would like to give everybody is – use SMM services all you want, but please do not use it for any illegal or harassment purposes.

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