While more than a billion people are active on Social Media platforms, many don’t realise the opportunities provided by social media, they sit by idly unaware of the possibilities they could tap into.
Ashish Singh, a social media entrepreneur from Pali Marwar, Rajasthan saw the endless skies of opportunity offered by Social Media and took flight to explore these skies.

Singh has a follower base of over 6 million followers on Instagram. He started his Instagram in 2016 without much thought, but after a while, on the platform, he realised the potential and scope of running a meme page. Currently, he runs the @singles.society , @bcbillu, @log.Kis.kisko.tokenge, @hutia_minati, @69harami, @dankbedroomtales accounts on Instagram. His personal account is @myself.ashish.

Hence, he too started a meme page of his own and has never looked back since.

He faced a lot of problems, but he never surrendered to those struggles. He had to go through financial hardships and didn’t have a lot of family support. Yet he held on and made himself the successful man that stands before us today.

He was aware of his family’s disapproval of meme pages when he started, so he kept his Instagram under wraps. He worked around 16 to 18 hours everyday on his meme page without any complaints. He took money from his friends to invest in his meme page and it worked wonders, Singh saw the fruit of his labours.

In 2019, one of his pages hit 1 Million followers, and by the end of 2020, he had amassed over 6 million followers. He plans on expanding his follower base to 25 million followers before 2025.

Ashish Singh has lived his life with one motto and shares it with the upcoming talent, “Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life. If you’re doing something that you are passionate about, you will be driven to give it your all and do your best. Seeing your determination and hard work fate will send success your way.”.

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