Attaining a quick rise as a singing talent, make way for ace singer Mniko14

Attaining a quick rise as a singing talent, make way for ace singer Mniko14.

Exuding passion for music in each of his tracks, he is on his way to garnering massive audience love.

Setting a firm foot of oneself in any industry today can come along different challenges and hurdles; however, those who look beyond this and make sure to work around doing the unusual in all that they choose to lay their hands on in their careers are those who ace the game in their respective industries. This definitely sounds easier, but it is far from that, and people who really wish to reach the top of their fields must surrender themselves to their dreams and keep walking, no matter what, suggests Mohammad Nikoomanesh, popularly known as Mniko14 in the music realm. He is growing as a Persian singer, musician, songwriter, and an incredible musical artist.

Walking his path in the ever-so-competitive music space was no walk in the park for his 1994-born Persian artist. But he highlights that success anyway can never be an easy task to achieve, and professionals across fields may have to go under the grind, work relentlessly, and without losing hope, keep moving forward, facing all the challenges on their path. He did the same, and recalling those challenging times, Mniko14 says that it seemed too tough to conquer at the beginning, but after overcoming a few challenges, he was determined to move up and onwards. Speaking on the same, he says, “If my journey had only been about joy, fulfilment, and happiness, I wouldn’t have become the refined musical artist I am today. Also, challenges and tragedy are places from where artists can draw maximum creativity and art, I believe.”

From creating exceptional songs like Hamzad, Sigar, Saat, Zendegi, Donya, Sarbaz, Intro, Outro, and Ayda, excelling at instruments like Dulcimer (Santoor) and Qanoon (a Persian instrument), to making sure to create his special place in the hearts of his listeners, the Persian artist has indeed come a long way. At 16 years, he had come up with his first album, “Mute,” and even had composed the Famous Persian rapper album “Pooria Putak” in 2015.

Throughout his journey, he worked determinedly and believed in himself, which made him a success story. Do check out his songs on Spotify, and follow him on Instagram @mniko_official.

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