Author and Entrepreneur Sumit Kumar Mishra – India’s Top Music Marketing Expert – Co-Founder of PRSN Media

Rising to relevance in any sector requires a lot of work, and Sumit Kumar Mishra has proved himself to be both a hard worker and a value provider to his followers and his clients. Incredible Things never come when one just stays in their customary range of familiarity, Sometimes tomorrow never comes, your psyche makes restricts so you don’t utilize your maximum capacity. Sumit Kumar Mishra is one such individual who never had believed in stalling his work, he generally works on schedule and with quality confirmations.

Sumit Kumar Mishra is one such sort of an individual who consistently trusted in himself and consistently had a drive power of utilizing his brain and soul’s maximum capacity in every single work he could possibly do. Sumit started at the age of 17 and his expertise in Social Media Marketing, YouTube Advertising, PR, Blogging, SEO, Designing, Website & App Development, PPC Campaigns, etc. Soon after this he opened a Digital Marketing firm in Mid-2020 to help out more and more artists. He is the Co-Founder of PRSN Media and he Founder and Chief Editor of a few prominent blogs like True Gadgets, Trend Column and Trend Flavors.

Since then, he has been strategizing various market growth initiatives for the company and has had strong ties with the clients. ”His life’s mission is to build a bridge between artists, actors, small business & ventures, and the outer world for helping them grow their online and offline presence”, said Mr Sumit Kumar Mishra

Today the company, PRSN Media has been a prominent name in the market for many artists, actors, small businesses that are willing to grow their online and offline presence. Prioritizing the goals of their clients over the company goals have worked in favour of them, and it has indeed becoming one of the most successful digital marketing companies of India.

He believes in execution with planning so he didn’t share his upcoming strategies. Well, that is something that must rush the adrenaline level of his native city, because Sumit Kumar Mishrahas proven himself in whichever field he has stepped into. So let’s see what comes out with his new decision. All we can do is to wish him best of luck.

His own personal Instagram account @skmfcb also has thousands of followers where his followers frequently ask him marketing related questions and he is happy to help them out.

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