Bala Vs. Ujda Chaman – Battle Begins, what’s the end?

Two films – Bala and Ujda Chaman made on a similar subject dealing with premature hair loss issues have been making news in the media lately. They have been discussed a lot for similar content and the tussle now can be seen between the two in terms of releasing the film now. Both the films were supposed to release on similar dates earlier somewhere on 22nd November, but then the makers of the UC pulled it back a week before the said date.

Soon we saw the makers of the film Bala doing the same as they do not want to leave the chance to make the moolah at the box office by getting their rival film releasing earlier and catching up all the business. Now, we hear that the makers of the film Ujda Chaman have come out with a new release date, which is on 1st November 2019. This has been the recent buzz from the makers, while the sources close to Bala suggest that they are also planning to shift the release date on the same day.

However, amidst the game of release date, the makers of Ujda Chaman have even filed a petition in the court about the copyright infringement issue and now demanding the film to ban it from screening in the theatre. The date of hearing on 4th November, so the makers of Bala would face a tough time in releasing it on 1st November 2019 considering the hearing of the case. So by pulling the date of UC on 1st November, the makers of the film have played safe. Let’s see what goes but at the moment the battle between Bala starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Ujda Chaman starring Sunny Singh seems to be in a fight. Where would this battle end, that’s the big question to ask?

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