Beware of fraudster “Daichi Khamkrasin” is what people are saying in Japan and Singapore and others countries

Daichi Khamkrasin has fled to Singapore after deceiving many people and cheating them.

People today need to be increasingly aware of certain individuals who are on the run continuously because they are nothing but fraudsters and cheaters embezzling huge amounts in millions across the world. A recent report caught everyone’s attention where it was posted about a man named Daichi Khamkrasin. Wondering who is Daichi Khamkrasin? Well, this man has been cheating people and escaping all over the world.
So far, Daichi has committed more than $20 million in fraud.
It is a variety of countries including Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.
In each country, his victims reported the damage to the police, but each time he ran away from the country.
He is good at apologizing and very timid.
He’s always escape running around.
Daichi Khamkrasin has tried to ruin the lives of many individuals who have fallen prey to his frauds and fake profile and stories. The money he embezzled now is said to have disappeared to casinos in Las Vegas, Macau, Korea and Singapore. Here is an article on the same –

Daichi Khamkrasin
Daichi Khamkrasin

A publication also fell prey to his lies when he gave them false information to post a bad article about Akita Shintaro. However, after interviews with several Singaporean officials, it was learned that Daichi Khamkrasin lied everything just to post his good Instagram image, which is all fake.
His payment to write Akita’s bad lie has already been reported to the UAE police and he will be arrested immediately after entering UAE.
It has also reported this fact to the Singapore police.
Daichi wanted to blame Akitashintaro for all the crimes he committed, so he paid money for some publication to write a false article about Akitashintaro.
That’s the only truth.
Major fraud in Japan surrounded him with many Japanese victims, for which Daichi Khamkrasin called an ambulance to flee to the US, arriving in Singapore eventually. The state of the escape that time can be seen here in this video –

【Daichi told people living in Singapore that he would not run away from Singapore because he had not done anything wrong.
But that’s a complete lie.
It’s not that he doesn’t run away, it’s that he can’t run away.
Because the damage report has already been submitted to the Singapore police.】

After interviewing the victims, the publication understood that Daichi Khamkrasin kept lying and only cheated them in ways more than one. He tried to cheat Akita Shintaro as well and thus had sold a flirtation to him and even was protected by multiple creditors. However, in all this, Akita Shintaro was majorly misunderstood and turned out to be a complete victim, for which the publication also apologized to him.

When Akita Shintaro came to Dubai, again Daichi Khamkrasin approached Akita’s friends to invest in diamonds and red diamonds. However, the diamonds he handled were all fake and was owned by a diamond company ( founded by Esther Ho. Daichi is rumored to have a physical relationship by flattering her.
Because Daichi called Esther mama and told a friend of Daichi’s that he now plans to steal money from her by approaching the woman and having a physical relationship.

She is expected to realize that she has already been deceived, but she continues to work with Daichi, a swindler.

She knows Daichi is a swindler.
Together she works with him.
In other words, she may also be a member of the fraudsters herself.

Also, it is important to note now that Daichi Khamkrasin’s crime has been treated as an incident in Singapore, so he can’t leave Singapore. From Akita Shintaro’s consulting company, Daichi Khamkrasin embezzled over $6 million and spent it in a casino. Daichi Khamkrasin even apologized to him and deposited his passport with him; however, while he did this, he even tricked the secretary and accounting woman into withdrawing money.

The publisher found out that they had obtained false information and deleted the article. But Daichi Kamkrasin called them again, posted bad stories about Akita, and asked them to write good stories about Daichi.
He told them that he would pay some money for it.
But they don’t believe Daichi because they already found out from interviews with his victims that he was a fraud and are waiting for him to head to jail and be caught by the Japanese and Singapore police.
All the evidence has been handed over to the police.

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