Bigg Boss 13: Paras Accused on Twice Breaking Shehnaz’s Heart

Relationship dynamics have completely changed inside the Bigg Boss house especially amongst the ladies. By the minute, the contestants entered the house; the competition was on and is getting intense day by day.

Tensions between Arti-Koena and Paras-Shehnaz are growing really big in Bigg Boss 13.

With the sword of nomination hanging on a few heads, things have also changed its way. Leaving their good sides behind, the contestants have started clinging onto their competitive spirit for their own safety. After the last week’s Queen title was dismantled sue to contestants being unable to come to a common decision by the Bigg Boss, this week, the contestants again got a chance to be the queen under a task Rani No. 1. The fight to become Rani No. 1 started on Tuesday and continued for two days after which a lot of plotting and serious accusations have begun.

Fierce fighting to baseless promises, everything has taken shape inside the house.

The girls tried hard for convincing the boys for their chance to defend the title as Koena Mitra went on Paras Chhabra’s commitment, while Arti Singh too seemed to gain Paras’s support. On the other hand, Siddharth Shukla & Shehnaz Gill team up to eliminate Mahira Sharma and Rashami Desai from the task.

During the task, Shehnaz accuses Paras of breaking her heart twice by choosing Mahira over her for nominations and then offering Dalijiet the chance to break her pot in the current task. While Paras reasons his decisions, she ends up in tears. Bit, to everyone’s surprise, this time boys were also seen making their game plan for concluding the task with their mutual understanding. The task further turned out to ignite an ugly turn as Arti and Keona blew each other in a heated argument. Rashami also vents and expresses her trust issues with Arti. However, as per the strategized plan, Siddhartha Dey chooses Rashami over Shefali and gives her the chance to break one girl’s pot as she breaks Arti’s pot.

Amidst all these fights and bitterness, Devoleena and Dalljiet bring Arti and Rashami together to resolve their issues. While Arti talks to Sidharth Shukla and convinces him to calm down in the game.
In the end, it was Devoleena and Daljiet’s pots that was left but, as per mutual decision of boys, they choose Devoleena out, who breaks Daljiet’s pot and become the queen of the house. Devoleena is now safe from next elimination round and is permitted to use the Queen’s washroom. She also has the power to let go of her house duties and choose somebody else to take up her work.

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