Bigg Boss 14 update: Hina Khan says she sees BB 14 winner in Rubina Dilaik

Ever since Salman Khan advised Rubina Dilaik to fight her own battles and assured her that she’s got everything that it takes, Rubina has spent every wakeful hour in the house standing her ground. She is very opinionated and it has been recognized. In a recent episode, she was also seen standing up with the LGBTQ community by making Shehzad Deol apologizing on national television for making an insensitive remark towards the community. In the last episode, Rubina and Abhinav were seen fighting with the seniors over the kitchen duties. Later in the episode, Bigg Boss gave a task to the housemates to mutually decide whether Nikki should be immune from the elimination or not.

The housemates were heavily divided. Rubina said how she does not want Nikki to be safe because time and again she has proven to be insensitive and thoroughly mean towards the other contestants. Jasmin added how she despises her personality and the way she speaks with such foul mouth and conclusive tone. Shehzad backed her up. However, there were people in the house that differed.

Bigg boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik

Eijaz said she deserves the immunity and she has worked hard for it. Pavitra asks for a promise from Nikki that will change her personality a little, but vouches for her being safe. Jaan reveals how he has been tremendously bothered by her behaviour and change in attitude but still wants her to remain safe. Nishant also plays the same card. To this, Rubina loses her temper and asks everyone to have a singular personality and opinion. She says everyone is being diplomatic according to the situation. She yells and calls everyone out for “duality” in nature and walks out.

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To this, Hina turns to Gauhar how she sees the BB 14 winner in Rubina. She says she just saw the spirit and what it takes to win the game. Sidharth disagrees. Nikki goes up to Rubina and Abhinav to apologize for hurting their sentiments and asking for the last chance. On being asked the final verdict by Bigg Boss, when the contestants were not unanimously ready with an answer, Nikki was declared safe.

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