Bigg Boss 14 update: Jaan calls Nikki “double dholki”

Jaan Kumar has been very vocal about his feelings towards Nikki Tamboli. In earlier episodes, he has clearly confessed that he likes her, even though Nikki has called him “bhaijaan”. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss, the contestants were asked to come to a decision after mutual agreement about whether Nikki should remain the confirmed contestant or not. This twist by Bigg Boss brought out a whole different side of Nikki. She turned super sweet and asked the other housemates to vouch for her confirmation. Where a few people upfront disagreed her being confirmed, a few others played diplomatically.

Jaan calls double dholki to nikki tamboli

On asked about his stance, Jaan said it might come off as a surprise for many but he thinks Nikki has drastically changed after getting confirmed. He says that there is a major difference in her behaviour and she has become more arrogant. Nishant too was of the same opinion and said how she has hurt the sentiments of a lot of contestants which was redundant and wrong on her part. However, both still voted for her to remain confirmed. This is what triggered Rubina, and surprisingly Nikki too. Rubina called everyone out for showing this “duality” in nature. Nikki on the other hand kept questioning Jaan and Nishant about why did they not correct her when she was going wrong.

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Nikki also screamed at Nishant by saying if he considered her a good friend, he would come up to her and tell her things honestly, and not wait for an opportunity to express what he felt. Later on, when Jaan, Nishant, Rahul and Nikki were discussing the same matter, Jaan told Nikki that he expected some level of reciprocation as he did a lot for her. After a heated discussion, Nikki told Jaan, “Let us not be friends if you have a problem with me telling you what I feel.” Jaan then declared Nikki as “double dholki”.

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