Bigg Boss 14 update: Rubina and Abhinav lock horns with the seniors yet again

By now, it has been an established factor that Rubina Dilaik always stands up for what she believes in. She has had to face a lot of backlash from the other contestants, but the woman does not retreat. And neither does her husband. They both have indulged in several fights with the seniors and other housemates before. Sometimes for the bed arrangement, division of luxury item or merely saying “women power”, Rubina has gotten herself in trouble. This time, it was for chopping and cooking.

The episode started with Gauhar addressing the problem with Rahul chopping all the vegetables by his own. She says it is not possible for one person to do the task and takes two hours to get done with it. Abhinav asks what the problem with the task taking two hours is. He further adds how it has been divided that way and he chops all the vegetables when it is his turn. Rubina also defends him and explains how it is unfair for a person to do the chopping and cooking for 13 people.

bigg boss season 14 update: Rubina and Abhinav lock horns

Sidharth sidebars Gauhar and inflames her against the couple. He asks her to retract the favours she has done on them by adding a third person for help in the kitchen department. Rubina tells Sidharth that he is being unreasonable. Sidharth says that he is unreasonable only for her. Rubina also says, “Being a Senior, have some stature.” Pavitra Punya jumps in the matter as well and sides with the seniors. She says they can ask for help if they want to. Rubina and Sidharth’s equation has been wobbly from since the very initial stages. In Friday’s episode, Abhinav advised Rubina to not pick fights with Sidharth. “He is a wall. Wo chilla ke bolega tum usko convince kar hi nahi sakti (He will continue shouting and you cannot convince him).”

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