Bigg Boss 14 Update: Siddharth Shukla Insults Gauhar Khan, Almost Makes Her Cry

In the last episode of Bigg boss 14, the toofani seniors are seen having their moment in the room where they exchange friendly banters with each other. However, Siddharth Shukla takes it too far with Gauhar Khan and says she’s not a known face in the industry and nobody is willing to work with her. He goes as far as to say that she’s been pitied by the producers and her joblessness is the only reason she has been called back to the show, as a favour. Gauhar tries to defend herself by nullifying Shukla’s claims but struggles to find words and says Siddhart has become way too proud of winning one season of Bigg Boss. She later admits to him that she was on the verge of crying.

Bigg Boss 14: Sidharth Shukla fight with Gauhar Khan

Siddharth takes the opportunity to apologies to her and assures that all that he said were mere banter and nothing serious, repeatedly. The two hug it out and seem to be on good terms. One of the very interesting sights this season is Siddharth and Hina’s budding chemistry. The two are often seen flirting and playing around the house. Siddharth also defended Hina in her tiff with Rubina. They both are usually spotted together getting comfortable and cute together which might reflect upon the future prospects of a new ‘something’. Time will tell what follows, but for now, the seniors seem to take full advantage of their powers which is niggling some other housemates like Eijaz and Shehzad. They were caught complaining about the unfair and absurd privileges that the seniors are entitled to. It will be a delight to see new seniors and how the housemates cope with the frustration from within when further dominance is imparted.

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