Bigg Boss 16: I don’t call it a ‘mandali’, I think it’s a family that Shiv has made away from home, says Shiv Thakare’s Aai

Contestant Shiv Thakare's mother Ashatai is going to be seen in the show very soon.

It is family time in the reality show Bigg Boss 16. While in the previous episode, we saw Farah Khan being very supportive of brother Sajid Khan in the Bigg Boss house, There will also be family members of other contestants coming in this.

shiv thakare mother

Contestant Shiv Thakare’s mother Ashatai is going to be seen in the show very soon. We have also seen in the promo how everyone has become emotional upon seeing their family members including Shiv. We spoke to Ashatai about her time in the reality show Bigg Boss house and she said, “It was wonderful. It felt so good.”

Talking about his son’s game, she said, “Shiv is playing very well. He is real and I am proud of him. I like the way he handles situations in the house. I don’t feel that he should be playing any differently and must continue the way he is.”

Also ask him whether Shiv should step up his game a lot and play individually instead of being part of a mandali and she replied, “I don’t call it a mandali, I think it’s a family that Shiv has made away from home. He is the same with us in our house, he likes to be close to everyone and be together like one big family. He likes to keep his people close to his heart and there is nothing wrong in it. He is happy, he is having fun with them and at the same time, he also plays his individual game and for that he doesn’t need to break his group or be away from them.”

She added, “Infact we like him when he is having fun in the house with his friends. And I feel that this show does require one to make friends and be with them. One can’t sit alone the entire day or throughout the show just to show individuality. Shiv can have as many friends in the house, but he has a mind of his own and plays his solo game.”

Shiv recently also opened up about the kind of girl he likes, where he said that she must be traditional, wear a bindi and be a little shy. Is Ashatai looking for a groom for her son? “We are not looking for any girl for him. He just says all this in fun.”

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