Bigg Boss 16: Priyanka’s brother alleges the ‘Udaariyaan’ actress is being ‘intimidated and bullied’

Priyanka's brother revealed how his sister and the 'Udaariyaan' actress were being taunted a lot on national television.

The brother of reality shows Bigg Boss 16 contestant Priyanka Chahar Choudhary has alleged that his sister is being ‘intimidated’ and ‘intimidated’ a lot on the show. In a statement on Tuesday night, Priyanka’s brother revealed how his sister and the ‘Udaariyaan’ actress were being taunted a lot on national television. She also accused the makers of ‘glorifying a culture of bullying’ and asked everyone to be nice enough.

priyanka brother alleges

“Pari Didi is one of the strongest people you will ever meet. But that doesn’t mean at all that you should be breaking it like that every day – even if you see that she is taking it all with a smile. They are actually mentally wired to be strong enough, But to besiege him, threaten him, and taunt someone as precious as him on national television is only indirectly glorifying a culture of bullying. Because in real life bullies don’t win at all. They also get punished. Only those with a good heart win. It is not in his control at all now. It is about what values ​​and messages you are sending to the people of our society. please be nice India is watching,” read the statement.

Soon after the statement was shared, Priyanka’s fans jumped into the comments section and defended her.

Priyanka’s brother’s statement has come to the fore after Priyanka cried

“I think you should send this to the producers,” commented one of the fans. Another social media user also penned a long note praising Priyanka and wrote, “I want to thank your parents for raising such a wonderful and distinguished daughter. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, no matter how vile, cheap, and personal she becomes in the fight, never crosses the limits for her dignity. We all love Pari the way she is!”

In a recent episode, Priyanka’s brother’s statement has also come to the fore after Priyanka cried profusely during her conversation with co-contestant Soundarya Sharma. She has talked about not knowing at all what to do and has said that she is being portrayed unfairly no matter what she does. “Disturb ho rahi hu main, something is happening. I don’t know,” she told Soundarya.

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