Bill Omar Talks about the Importance of content to get success on YouTube

Bill Omar

We have been hearing the old axiom that says, with every dark cloud, you get a silver lining. The life of Bill Omar Carrasquillo in his early day was tough and he was brought up amidst all tough time. However, when he grew up, hid days changed and he tasted success, whcih he has never dream about. He is a known YouTuber today with his channel called Omi in a Hellcat. Being born and brought up in a rich family way back in 1986. His father was a successful businessman and had numerous properties all across Philadelphia.

He lived with his mom and siblings in Massachusetts with bliss till his mother suffered from a dreaded disease and her addiction lost the custody of Oman to her husband. Then came the step mother in the life of mother making things really bad and tough for him. However, the tough conditions and the ill treatment by the step mother did not deter him to achieve his goal in life. He was young when he turned a YouTube vlogger. However, with bad financial situation, he was not able to give the due attention to his channel.

He then started working as a freelance app developer which changed things upside down. His work invited too many lucrative offers form top firms that kindled in him the entrepreneurial instincts. Now, his net worth has crossed 50 million dollars. He now owns more than 300 properties including the two Night clubs – ‘Philly 21’ and ‘Unicas’ in Philadelphia and in its vicinity. His work place has grown a lot having several employees at his office taking care of the app development and other works he has with him.

Despite being busy in his professional, he finds time to make out videos for his YouTube channel which has 405K subscribers. He keeps on coming up with his day to day activities of his life. While remembering his days of struggle, he says that he never had the option of giving up in his life that kept him at the pedestal. He said he always knew that his hard work and sacrifice will be paid off. The entrepreneur and the content maker emerges as an inspiration to many and would remain the same for the coming years as well.

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