BTS vocalists Jimin and V felicitated with Global Cyber University’s Presidential Award

Well known BTS vocalists Jimin and V have graduated from Global Cyber University, South Korea and were given the President’s Award at the graduation ceremony held virtually for the academic year 2020. Since the artists couldn’t go to the function, their counsel, Professor Cheon Beom Joo got their honors.

BTS members V and Jimin
BTS members V and Jimin received the President’s Award at the Global Cyber University’s graduation ceremony.(Photo : BTS V Official Instagram Account and BTS Jimin Official Instagram Account)

The Award was presented with the note, “As a model citizen who has taken the lead in practising the university’s founding philosophy of nurturing global humanitarian individuals, this person has exerted a positive influence through sensitivity and communication, going beyond K-pop, and has conveyed the value of symbiosis, a value that the global world needs. This award is given in the hopes that this individual will contribute even more greatly to the world and the human society.”

Popular K-pop band group BTS’ members graduated in August 2020 with degrees in Entertainment & Media.In July 2020, news broke that a couple of BTS members have taken admission in Hanyang Cyber University’s Advertising and Media MBA program. V and Jimin joined the programme in Fall 2020 after BTS leader RM, along with rappers Suga and J-Hope took admission in this course in Spring 2020. Jin had tried out Hanyang Cyber University Graduate School back in 2017. Jungbook, the youngest BTS member is currently pursuing Entertainment & Broadcasting at Global Cyber University.

On the music front, BTS was seen playing out their melodies and the cover of Coldplay’s Fix You in an uncommon scene of MTV Unplugged. They got nominated for the Grammy Awards this year, for their song Dynamite. Everyone’s attention is on the gathering to check whether they leave a mark on the world at the forthcoming Grammy Awards function. BTS broke all records after all for a reason.

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