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Buldhana farmer sought permission to grow ‘herbal ganja’ after minister’s claim of ‘herbal tobacco’

Farmer Madhukarrao Shingane has said in one video that he is suffering a lot due to various reasons in growing seasonal crops.

Nagpur: Nawab Malik cabinet minister has said that for possessing ‘herbal tobacco’ his son-in-law was allegedly harassed.1 farmer of Deulgaon in Buldhana has sought full permission to grow herbal ganja.

grow herbal ganja

Farmer Madhukarrao Shingane has said in 1 video that he is suffering a lot due to various reasons in growing seasonal crops. Madhukarrao has land of about 4 acres. And in a letter dated October 21, he has sought permission to grow ‘herbal ganja’ on his 1 acre of land.

Experts and agricultural activists have said that there is no difference between herbal tobacco and available tobacco. And while the cultivation of cannabis is completely banned in the whole of India.

Kishor Tiwari, who is an agricultural worker, has said that every single farmer is suffering a lot in regular crops. The proposal “should be considered very seriously by the Government itself”. He has also alleged that many Indian states have been growing hemp on a very large scale since long ago.

Unable to Pay Bank Loan

In the video, Madhukarrao has refuted Cabinet minister Nawab claim as completely false. Believing that Cabinet minister Nawab son-in-law was engaged in agriculture. Madhukarrao has also said that I am a vegetable grower. Many days ago I have called the minister of state whose name is Nawab Malik. He is heard telling media persons that his relatives also cultivate this herbal hemp. NCP chief Sharad Pawar has also fully supported Nawab. Therefore, with the help of Deulgaon Tehsildar, I have also appealed to the District Collector to provide me with these Hemp seeds. And also allow this to be cultivated. I am indebted too much. I am completely unable to repay the current income source as well as the bank loan with the help of vegetable production.

He has said that farmers generally do not get very good price for vegetables at all. He has also said that now the entire market is offering good rates, but we do not have the produce at all,

Madhukarrao’s letter dated October 21 also made the same claim about Nawab, Sharad, and their crisis.

Tiwari, the head of Vasantrao Nayak Shekhari Swavalamban Mission (VNSSM), has also told that the cultivation of this cannabis is not allowed at all in any place in this entire country.

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