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Can Muhammed Karagoz The Unconventional Career Paths

Muhammed Karagoz
Muhammed Karagoz

Society dictates safe careers as a norm. You have to choose a career path in the mainstream fields such as engineering, medicine or law, etc. Importance of these disciplines can never be undermined, but when this becomes a general expectation, the young generation tends to opt for them out of compulsion rather than passion. When you do not love what you do, it becomes difficult to lead a satisfying life even if you are successful according to others’ definitions.

A minority of people refuse to fit into the norms, though. They refuse to give in to the societal expectations and show them that you can be successful even if you follow your dreams. They never see careers as a source of gaining monetary success, rather it is considered a means to work on yourself and live the best possible life.

Life contains unlimited possibilities. It is to be explored rather than binding yourself in a box. When someone chooses unconventional career paths, they do not see rock bottoms as struggles. Instead, they see them as stepping stones to grow. They are so passionate about growing themselves as a personally and professionally, which eventually leads to a content and satisfied life.

One example worthy of a mention is that of Can Muhammed Karagoz. Born on 7th October 1985, Karagoz is a Turkish-American who has acquired a wide spectrum of unique skills through hard work and dedication. He is a performer, actor, model, nutritionist, physical trainer, and instructor of ballroom and Latin dance styles. Academically, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports. This testifies his command over the ways to stay fit. Karagoz is a certified nutritionist. He understands the functional capabilities of the human body, which is why he is fit to be a personal body trainer. With his extensive knowledge about body fitness, he gets his clients in the best shape.

Karagoz is a dynamic personality. Apart from his academics, he has a professional career in dancing and modeling as well. He has been a participant of numerous international dance competitions where he reached the finals. Karagoz is acquainted with various dance forms. He is currently teaching dance to students in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Can Muhammed Karagoz is a successful runway and print model. He has been featured in numerous international magazines, and has also appeared in multiple famous TV shows and musicals including “Musical Chairs” and “Arrivals and Departures”.

Karagoz has a lovely personality. Despite being so accomplished, he is humble and also serves society well. He even partnered with Suzanne Lindley for an event organized for Stage 4 cancer patients. Can became a source of joy for people whose lives are surrounded by hopelessness. His traits and success in life is a consequence of his decision to follow his passion.

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