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Case registered against two including minor for tying firecrackers in dog tail

The matter came to the fore when a video of cruelty went viral on social media, prompting two dog lovers, Ashish Kohole and Swapnil Bodhane, to approach the Koradi police.

Nagpur: The ugly joke of tying firecrackers in the tail of 1 dog has proved to be too costly for 2 juveniles including 1 minor after police took cognizance of the matter after intervention by animal lovers and NGOs. The Koradi police had arrested both of them on Monday.

dog tail

Police have requested 1 Veterinarian of Koradi Veterinary Hospital, Mahadula to bring the dog to the Koradi police station and conduct a medical examination. And the vet didn’t find any injuries on the dog who lived in front of the teen’s residence.

The matter of tying firecrackers on the dog’s tail came to light. When the video of cruelty became very viral on social media. After which both dog lovers Ashish Kohole and Swapnil Bodhane approached the Koradi police in this regard.

A case has been registered against Jeevan Barai and his 14-year-old companion.

It can be seen in the video that, perhaps to play a prank. Both Jeevan and his 14-year-old friend had tied a firecracker to the dog’s tail. The police have said that the accused had asked one passerby to videograph the same incident which again went viral.

Dog Handed Over

In that video, the submissive dog can be clearly seen intimidated with an unknown object tied to its tail. As the boys were tying the firecracker on the dog tail and then lighting that firecracker. The fangs were merely trying to humbly resist him because of their familiarity with the tormentors.

Activist Bodhan has said that the dog was probably stopped in front of the house of one of the accused. And the family members also used to feed that dog. He has also said that this action against this accused was very necessary as such incidents of cruelty are on the rise. Most of the incidents do not come to the police and in many cases, action is not initiated.

Another animal activist Karishma Galani has said that National Animal Rights Activist Maneka Gandhi has taken the matter very seriously and is still personally looking into the incident.

The senior inspector of Koradi police station, Krishna Shinde, has said that the dog was handed over to Jeevan father. Because his own family used to take care of this dog.

The inspector has said that the dog has not suffered any kind of injury, but strict legal action has been initiated on the matter.

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