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Cashless facility closed in 42 hospitals from December 1: VHA

These hospitals, led by the Vidarbha Hospitals Association (VHA), have taken a tough stand against three insurance companies and third party administrators ​​after six hospitals were empaneled.

Nagpur: With effect from 1st December, policyholders of 3 health insurance companies and their 6 Third Party Administrators (TPAs) will not be able to access cashless treatment facility at about 42 major hospitals in this district at all.

cashless facility

Led by the Vidarbha Hospitals Association (VHA), these hospitals have taken a very tough stand against 3 insurance companies and Third Party Administrators even after 6 hospitals were empaneled.

Six hospitals had completely disagreed with accepting the revised treatment charges. Which he claimed had been reduced by almost 50% as compared to last year’s tariff.

Unions of employees and consumers have also come out in support of all these hospitals.

The employee’s union has said that if these hospitals fully agree to the revised reduced rates under the cashless facility. Then there are chances of many job losses.

Earlier in the same month, around 20 large private hospitals with the help of Vidarbha Hospitals Association had set the date of November 18 as the deadline for de-empanelment of 6 hospitals and withdrawal of rate cut.

As of the date of 24th November, the number of hospitals connected for this reason has more than doubled to 42.

Hospitals agree to see patients

Vidarbha Hospitals Association President Dr. Ashok Arbat has said that very soon all about 160 member hospitals will be forced to join the movement. If not all these companies improve at all in their own way and value quality care by offering reasonable rates.

Sengupta, Treat Me, Radiance, Wockhardt, Orange City, KRIMS, Alexis, Meditrina, Care, Viveka, Keshav, Swasthyam, Crescent, Sushrut, Aureus, Suretech, Lotus, Samarpan, Getwell, Asha, Platina, East End, Arogyam, Center Point, Midas, Ortho Relief, Hope, Icon and New Era, among others have announced the withdrawal of cashless facility for beneficiaries of 3 companies and six Third Party Administrators with effect from 1st December.

Along with this, the general secretary of the union of insurance beneficiary whose name is Ganesh Iyer. He has said that even if hospitals agree to cover all patients in exactly the same minimum package cost, which includes medicines, consumables, and diagnostics. This will affect the quality of treatment and may lead to complications.

The working president of the private hospital employees union of the Vidarbha region, whose name is Prakash Shende. He has said that hospitals will be forced to either reduce the remuneration or lay off workers too much. Which will be very harmful for the people already working in these hospitals.

Ganesh has alleged that till now these hospitals used to issue prescriptions to every single patient. And then they used to get medicines on the cashless basis from the pharmacy of the hospital. Because of this relatives knew what was being bought and administered. If these package rates are imposed, then they will be in the dark and then the hospital, because of such low rates, will use only this substandard medicine.

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