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Centenary Plans NU Budget Raised To Rs 548 Crore

Along with this, the university had also allocated around Rs 100 crore for its centenary celebrations.

Nagpur: Keeping an eye on the centenary celebrations of Nagpur University next year, the administration has presented a budget of about Rs 547.85 crore for the financial year 2022-23 on Thursday. In which there has also been a loss of about Rs 51.37 crore. In the last financial year, with a loss of about Rs 55.01 crore, the budget of about Rs 421.55 crore had been presented.

centenary plans nu

Along with this, the university had also allocated around Rs 100 crore for its centenary celebrations.

Read by Rajesh Bhoyar, senior most member, The budget had allocated around Rs 1 crore each for the construction of the incubation center and the building of the Department of Physical Education. It had allocated around Rs 25 crore for the proposed indoor stadium and around Rs 8 crore for the development of its seven campuses. The allocation of around Rs 3 crore for a new administrative building of NU on Amravati Road has raised many eyebrows.

Grand celebrations of NU

Rajesh Bhoyar has told the Senate members that his losses have increased in the last year itself. Because they had reduced the examination fee by around 75% due to the pandemic of coronavirus. This was done following the request of Vishnu Changde, a member of Yuva. It is very proud to inform you that NU was the first university in Maharashtra to provide similar help to the students during the pandemic.

Rajesh Bhoyar has said that he had called upon the members to contribute in a big way to make the grand celebrations of NU nearly 100 years, Which will be started from this year itself. They will also try to bring down the deficit of about Rs 51.3 crore, For example, he reduced the loss of last year from about Rs 55.01 crore to Rs 12.85 crore. He has also installed solar rooftop panels in his new building with the help of Niranjan Deshkar, a member of the Management Council. This has also helped NU a lot in saving up to Rs 80 lakh on annual electricity bills.

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