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City Cops Tigetens Security for New Year Eve

As the New Year is all set to hit today, we see a lot of gala celebration happening on this big day. It is obvious to see accidents and mishaps happening in the city as youngster drink and drive and do similar other things ruining the buzz and bliss of the New Year. However, the city cops seem to have tied up their laces to act fast and tough on violators claimed the City Commissioner, Mr. BK Upaddhay.

Talking about the New Year Celebrations, he said he or the Police Department has no issues in seeing people celebrating the New Year Eve, but the people would be guarded well and would remain under the watch of more than 4400 cops who would remain active on the streets of the city watching people celebrating this big day. Talking about the plans, he said to avoid any hooliganism, more than 500 goons have been caught by the police and put behind the bars and some of them have been asked to leave the city.

There will be special police on duty on the New Year Eve Night to check the speeding vehicles and other nuisance to avoid any untoward happening during the gala time in the city. The commissioner also informed that apart from taking a close look through different Cameras installed in the city, there will be 150 points to be set up for the night today where police will be present to catch a closer view on the people celebrating this big day. In other words, the cops are leaving no stone unturned to keep the celebration in the right mode.

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