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City Mayor Announces no Lockdown in Nagpur

Sandeep Joshi

As the speculation for having a lockdown in the city seemed going high, we now hear that the city mayor Mr. Sandeep Joshi has declared for having no lockdown in Nagpur. With the recent meeting with the citizens and officials, there seemed to be unanimity among public representatives and citizens that made the mayor declare about the lockdown this month. There seemed some buzz around the lockdown which was expected to be done this month but with this announcement, it has diminished the idea of having one in the city. 

All thanks to the rising cases, the city has decided to go for a janta curfew last weekend but things are now coming under control, the city public reps have decided not to have a lockdown again. The meeting was called by the mayor at his office who now ruled out the idea of having the lockdown in the city. Mr Joshi on Friday while calling the meeting at the NMC Central office announced the same stating that the situation in Nagpur seems to be under control.

He also talked about the ill effects of the lockdown, however, he said that the growing awareness about the disease in the city has created the difference in the number of cases. The recovery is high and the cases for the virus has gone down. The meeting was called at the auditorium area adjacent to the NMC office. The mayor has suggested some ideas that are going to be followed in the coming few days as a preventive measure like social distancing and other things. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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