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City Mayor Starts his Market Visit in Nagpur

As said reported earlier, the city Mayor Mr. Sandip Joshi had announced his plan to visit the different market areas in Nagpur. He even shared his schedule of his visit to different areas. Now, as per the recent buzz, the mayor is all set to complete his city market tour in Nagpur. He along with the NMC Chief were seen visiting various streets and areas where they were seen clamping down over the violators. It was a week long tour, which was completed yesterday, claims the reports of The Hitavada Cityline newspaper. 

Both the tours are likely to culminate at one point in a day or two for Mr. Joshi the mayor and Mr. Tukaram Mundhe the NMC Chief.  Mr. Mundhe was the second to follow the same thing as initiated by the city mayor. He is also inspecting various areas and market places to keep a check over the violations taking place in the public places. It was done in the wake to implement the guidelines under the mission called ‘Mission Begin Again’ which was done as per the initiative carried out by the State Government.

On Monday, Joshi was seen visiting several market places in Laxminagar Zone where he was seen covering the areas of Rana Pratap Nagar, Mate Square, cement Road, Khamla, and Deonagar. He and his team then appealed to the traders and citizens to follow the guidelines to keep the threat of COVID-19 at bay. He further said that people are taking things lightly, which can be a costly affair. He also hinted that people violating will be facing heavy penalties. Stay tuned to know more on it.

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