City Records 50 percent turn out for Assembly elections

Six seats in Nagpur and more than a dozen of contestants fighting on these seats on different part tickets and few of them were also seen in individual seats was the highlight of Nagpur on the Election day. Elections that remains the key festival of Democracy was seen peaceful in the city with exception a few untoward fights between the Congress and the BJP supporters in city and other places in Vidharbha.

The day was pleasant with mostly the clouds shielding the sun rays to come down in the town making a perfect day to go out and vote. Yet there was a fall on the percentage of votes in the city when compared to the previous time election turn out a ratio that was recorded as 55 per cent. There seems to be a feeling that the current government is likely to come to power, yet the elections are not often predictable.

The higher percentage of voting the previous times was only due to the factors like anti-incumbency. While this time the turn out seemed a low when compared to the previous year. The people supporting the saffrons claim that the committed voters of their party have always turned to keep them in power, while the rest only come when they have to change the government. This gives them the idea that the would return to power once again. Well, let’s see what goes in the next few days but at the moment things are in favor of the current party in the rule.

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