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City Trader Bullion merchants urges govt to allow shops to open daily

The Bullion Merchants in Nagpur are popular ones when it comes to operating under the Nagpur Sarafa Association. As per the recent buzz amidst the COVID 19 lockdown, we see the government allowing only the shops on an alternate basis.  They seem to have urged the government to allow their shops to open on a daily basis since they have been facing too many problems to keep their shops open on an alternate basis. 

The Bullion merchants claim that the opening of the shops on alternate days as per the given odd and even days system seems to have added too much loss for the merchants in the city. Similarly, the fixed timings as posed by the government seems to have been the matter of concern as the shops can only function between the limited time, which is not fair. This is not proving beneficial for the shop owners as their business seems to be affected. As per The Live Nagpur reports, they want to function between their standard time slot 12 to 8 pm. 

He said that the shops opened in the fixed timings are not proving beneficial for the shop owners and even to the customers to some extent. Also, they claimed that the hawkers should be able to function properly and their zones should be created in order to make things easy for them as well. They further urge the government that they should be allowed to function 12 pm and 8 pm. Besides this, the local admin should finalize the locations for the hawkers and other people for proper work. Stay tuned to know more on this and others only with us.

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