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Covid-19: Remaining dose used as booster shots in some private centers

People taking the 3rd dose of the covid vaccine are relying on the fact that the booster shot has been approved for a long time in the US and UK.

Nagpur: A lot of fully covid vaccination beneficiaries, especially health care workers and frontline workers are taking the 3rd dose of vaccine at many private covid vaccination centers, However, the Covid booster dose has not been approved by the Indian government till now.

Corona vaccine 3rd dose people taking is relying on the fact that the booster shot has been approved for a long time in the US and UK. While it is still under study in the country of India.

Many doctors have also demanded a booster dose to legalize the third dose of the covid vaccine. And prevent wastage of the covid vaccine. Local immunization officials have confirmed that he is now taking a third time using the remaining covid doses at many private centers. And he has also said that now all these shots have been officially recorded as a kind of waste.

In the past several days, the number of dissipated doses of covid is indicating that they are no longer used for covid It is also being done for the third dose. He has also said that in many centers it is being seen very often that about 20 to 30 more vials are opened than the actual requirement. Sometimes only 1 person is vaccinated against covid, while nine doses are seen as a kind of wastage.

A professor has said that the results of the Covid Vaccine Booster Dose Study are still awaited.

Delta has decreased by 20%

He has also said that there are two schools of thought. For almost 6 months the need for this covid booster dose is felt very much. And 1 other also say that coronavirus vaccines give immunity for a very long period. For this reason, the government has not made any policy on the dose of booster so far. So far, more attention is being paid to completing the first and second doses of covid.

This professor has personally said that he has not suffered any harm from the booster dose of this covid.

“Those who recently tested positive for covid in Kerala were asked to wait for about 6 months before being vaccinated against covid. Even if those people are not hospitalized, the risk of coronavirus and transmission remains at all times for a very long time. And this booster dose prevents the infection of this covid and also greatly reduces the transmission of this covid,” Dr. Nitin Shinde, the Infectious disease expert said.

Dr. Nitin Shinde was of the view that every well vaccinated person among frontline workers, health workers, or senior citizens should get a covid booster dose. He also said that the effectiveness of the covid vaccine against Delta has decreased by about 20%.

The coordinator of the hospital in Vidarbha named Dr. Anup Marar has said that many developed countries have started approving the third dose of covid for all persons at high risk of covid.

Dr. Anup Marar also believes that covid vaccination and aware citizens will definitely love to take this covid booster dose. Dr. Anup Marar also said that “In view of the exhaustion of the vaccine stock of covid from private centers, Each of the authorities should also consider approving a third dose of coronavirus using this covid stock on top of this payment basis.”

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