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Covid new cases are now coming from urban areas

In the last 24 hours, a total of 17 new covid cases have come out, Out of which 3 were from Amravati and 13 from Nagpur.

Nagpur: In the month of December, most of the covid new cases are coming out from the municipal cities and this trend is very clearly visible on Tuesday.

covid new cases

In the last 24 hours, a total of 17 new covid cases have come out, Out of which 3 were from Amravati and 13 from Nagpur.

Out of 13 new covid cases in district Nagpur, 12 are from Nagpur city alone while all 3 covid patients in Amravati district were from Amravati city.

With 17 new covid cases and 14 being cured in the last 24 hours, the Vidarbha region currently has 11,20,797 cases and out of them 10,99,254 have been cured. No death has been reported from Corona in this area. And the death toll is only around 21,384. Except for Nagpur, no other district of the Vidarbha has more than 20 corona patients under treatment. In 8 districts, only 10 or less than 10 patients are under treatment.

District Nagpur has conducted about 4211 tests in the last 24 hours. Of which around 12 were positive. And many of them are from the same family. Out of 49 patients under treatment in district Nagpur, 39 are from Nagpur city (NMC limits).

Akola: No new covid case has come to the fore on Tuesday. Because all the 526 tests in the district have come negative. The total caseload of this district has remained unchanged at 57,907. And the number of recoveries is at 56,761 only. 5 covid patients are undergoing treatment in Akola.

Washim: With the notice of one more day in this district, the district continues its corona free tag for one more day. Not a single patient is under treatment in this district. Because all the 454 tests done in the last 24 hours have come back negative.

Buldhana: Out of 315 tests done in this district, not a single one has come positive. 2 covid patients have been cured in a day. Right now out of a total of 87,660 corona cases, 86,980 have been corrected. Only 5 covid patients are undergoing treatment.

Gondia: 3 patients are under treatment in this district. On Tuesday, none of the 73 tests came out positive in a day. District Gondia has a total of 41,239 cases with 40,527 recoveries.

Gadchiroli: In the last 24 hours, 4 corona patients have been cured from this district. Right now only 5 covid patients are being treated. And a total of 633 tests were done and the reports of all have come negative.

Bhandara: In the last 24 hours in the Bhandara district, 390 negative tests have been found. No new covid case came up and no one recovered.

Wardha: 1 positive case out of 266 reports has been found in this district on Tuesday, Due to which the total number of cases has gone up to 49,438. The active positive cases under treatment in this district are only 4 as of Tuesday.

Amravati: Out of Ramakrishna Colony of Wadali in the district, 3 new covid cases of only one family have taken the caseload to 96,211 on Tuesday. A total of 508 samples have been tested in the district. And 2 females aged 24 and 72 years and 1 male aged 13 years have been tested positive.

Yavatmal: With neither death nor any positive patient found on Tuesday, the district’s toll remained unchanged at 1,788. The administration has received 657 reports in this district. The mortality rate is 2.45%, the test positivity rate is 9.42%, and the daily positivity rate is only 0.

Chandrapur: This district has scored 0 in terms of detection and deaths, While the recovery of 3 more patients in the district has brought the active figure of Corona to 10 on Tuesday. 1,099 tests have been conducted in the district and not a single one has been found positive. corona caseload has remained constant at 88,879, While the total recovery in the district has been up to 87,326. And the death toll is only 1,543.

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