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Covid test negative of only omicron patient of city, discharge today

After the report of this patient came negative, till the evening there was confusion about whether to discharge him.

Nagpur: The city’s only Omicron patient, a 40-year-old man who had returned from Burkino Faso via Delhi, has tested negative in its 10th day RT-PCR report received on Tuesday evening.

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After the report of this patient came negative, till the evening there was confusion about whether to discharge him. It was also believed that discharge would also require the patient to report another negative RTPCR within about 24 hours. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has also clarified that it was up to the doctor to take the treatment as per the state’s protocol and there was absolutely no need for a second RTPCR report in about 24 hours.

The patient will be discharged on Wednesday morning and then he will be advised home quarantine for about 7 days as per protocol. Nagpur Municipal Corporation will arrange an ambulance for them only, AIIMS officials said.

On the date of December 6, the person was also admitted to the special ward for Omicron patients of AIIMS, Nagpur. Dighori resident said I was confident that my report would be negative. There was absolutely no desire to return in the night time.

Mother-daughter duo did test

The 40-year-old had returned to the country on the date of December 5 and then took a connecting flight from Delhi to Nagpur. NMC officials asked him to take a coronavirus test at the airport as a precautionary measure. However, West Africa was not at all among the ‘at risk’ countries.

He has said that the extensive travel of 3 days did not tire me out and I was taken to the hospital soon after coming home. I don’t like being confined to one place at all. I also like fresh air. The doctors were also surprised that I did not even cough at all. Many local patients here have also been coughing.

AIIMS officials have also said that although they have also tested negative for the Omicron virus variant as per the existing protocol for passengers, Corona positive international travelers should also have negative RTPCR of the 10th day.

According to the ICMR norms, the patients of coronavirus are declared healthy on the 10th day of infection and they do not even need to report negative at all.

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