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Crocodile seen in drain, Forest officials set up a team

The crocodile was on austerity in the sun in the drain behind the journalist colony, close to the petrol pump.

Nagpur: After several months of spending several days by the Forest Department to capture the 1st leopard allegedly sighted in the city, Right now their hands are full of confirmation of the presence of that crocodile in a drain in the city.

crocodile drain

The crocodile was on austerity in the sun in the drain behind the journalist colony, very close to the petrol pump, At the same time, many people had clicked videos and photos.

Honorary Wildlife Warden Kundan Hate has said that “Now this is the third time that we have received a call about this. And that crocodile has also been seen in the same area. There is a lot of water inside that drain and now it also seems that that crocodile is getting enough food. This crocodile looks almost 5 years old.”

No Worker Should Go

Forest officials have deployed 1 team to nab him. Catching crocodile is not easy at all. “On Tuesday we will go there again and there we will have to tread very carefully. If the crocodile is in the water, then it is going to be very difficult to catch it because the water crocodile is its domain. Like the tiger inside the jungle, the crocodile also rules the water. We have also informed the NMC that no worker should be sent to clean that particular area,” Kundan said.

But where did this crocodile come from? Kundan has said that this is a better estimate, but the lower screw may be the original. Kundan has said that they are crocodiles in the river of Pench. From where the crocodile can also enter the lower screw. From there the crocodile can also come to Gorewada with the help of water pipelines and then to the drain with the help of waste discharge. If this continues, then this crocodile can end by going to the Nag river, just near Pardi.

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