Dalip Celbeqiri with his venture DIY Simple enjoys financial freedom to be a boss of his own 

Dalip Celbeqiri
Dalip Celbeqiri

Dalip Celbeqiri has come a long way living in Durres, Albania. The 24-year-old Entrepreneur is also an engineer and social influencer and while growing up had an usual upbringing. Life for him has always been smooth, hence he made sure he takes it to the next level rather than getting lost in something which others of his age and conditions would do. He took the right decision at the right time and started working with Newsflare for one year before he established his online media publishing house called DIY Simple.  He mastered the art of social media marketing and later it was exploring it in the right direction for his venture.

He always wanted to be his own boss hence self-employment was the only key to his success. Thus working for not less than a year with the above-named firm, he switched off to embark upon with his own online media publishing group known as DIY Simple. He is known for his three traits that are responsible for making him successful in his career. These include traits like Competitiveness, self-awareness, and independence that helped him to be a successful entrepreneur. As he belongs to a multi-cultural country, he is well versed in the issues the entrepreneur could face.

DIY Simple is not just about doing things online, but he also ensures that he travels like any other business person. Hence he takes the opportunity to learn from his business and other trips. This adds an edge to his life in his real world. DIY Simple is not just a web agency but a complete media publishing house that caters people as per the changing requirements of content. Dalip Celbeqiri with his inspiring thoughts, selfless attitude and urge to grow has leveraged the digital media to add values to his company DIY Simple. His success with his company showcases that this is just a start for the 24-year-old young man as he has to achieve a whole lot of things in the coming future.

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