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‘Delta still relevant, susceptible populations may found’

The doctors of this city have warned that Delta which started the second wave of covid, Its third wave can also bring.

Nagpur: The delta variant (B1.617.2) has become the dominant strain of SARS-CoV-2 in this region, amid serious concerns over the identification of the variant of Omicron. So far, most of the samples processed for genome sequencing in this region have shown the presence of either delta or its sub-lineages.

delta still relevant


The doctors of this city have warned that Delta which started the second wave of covid, Its third wave can also bring.

Dr. Nitin Shinde, an Infectious disease specialist has said that the seriousness of Omicron is still unclear. He has said that genome sequencing studies indicate that Omicron is not present at all in Nagpur. And it will take time because it will spread very slowly maybe from last week till the month of January.

Dr. Nitin also said that the delta was more likely to trigger the 3rd wave. It has also been said that Delta is still relevant. It can still detect susceptible populations and increase these cases. By far the largest number of people also have immunity, but even after 6 months, the immunity can be very low and things can also be different.

Possibility of a third wave

Infectious disease experts have also said that patients with the Omicron virus in South Africa had mild symptoms. Or he had been discharged too early. Some were admitted only for isolation.

Dr. Nitin has also said that Nagpur can be a very difficult city to attack even for the delta as the situation here has remained very grim for a long time. He has also said that finding a brand new host for the edition will be difficult but you never know. Having said that a second delta attack cannot be ruled out at all.

Internal medicine specialist whose name is Dr. Mohan Nerker. He has said that because of good covid vaccination and herd immunity, the chances of a third wave of covid look bleak.

Pulmonologist Dr. Ravindra Sarnaik has told that every minute mutations keep happening in this virus of every person. He has also said that but about 80% of mutants are killed by the virus itself. Even a small segment of the mutant regenerates itself. It also depends on their possible characteristics – No matter how serious, infectious, and toxic they can be. Delta is also prevalent all over the world. And high vigilance is also needed. There is also a good chance that the faster transmission strain will gradually replace the existing variant as well.

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