Desk Yoga Need of the Hour – Remarks Santosh Datar – Medical Director Ziqitza

Santosh Datar
Santosh Datar

Many people take a seat down at the back of our desks and stare at PC displays for an excessive amount of the day. Although focused meetings may be useful to our jobs, it could be taxing on our bodies.

We at Ziqitza Believes, Yoga has numerous scientifically verified advantages for the thoughts and frame. Yoga improves your power and flexibility, reduces stress, and boosts your immune system. Yoga also can lessen fatigue, enhance sleep, and invigorate the frame and thoughts for folks that are improving from scientific illnesses, along with most cancers’ survivors. Medical Experts at Ziqitza Healthcare advices, to start your day with this easy 15-minute ordinary exercises that consists of numerous essential factors of yoga, along with respiratory techniques, movement, and beginner’s meditation. The key to reaping the advantages of yoga is to exercise often and consistent.

Dr. Santosh Datar  – Medical Director at Ziqitza Health Care Limited says, “Be it a fresh air from the mundanity of your desk work or an important a part of your workout regime, Yoga is a healthful revel in for one and all. You have to have heard your Human Resource Employee Engagement Manager asking you to meditate for a while at your workstation earlier than you get returned to that tough presentation due has become a trend .  This is because it isn’t any mystery that Yoga additionally facilitates growth productivity. Yoga offers the present of each rejuvenation and reconnection on your soul. Ziqitza Rajasthan has similar voice on the practise of yoga on a daily basis.

Dr. Santosh Datar  – Medical Director at Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd  suggest the following yoga sporting activities at Home Office or at your workplace that will assist you relieve any anxiety you would possibly sense after too many hours of poring over spreadsheets. The poses additionally offer lengthy-time period exercises with ordinary practice. Each pose takes fewer than mins to complete, and you could do the entire collection in only 10 mins

  • Lat Pull Down on Chairs: Sit Straight with back Spine straight, chest out, Knees at 90 degrees, reach your arms up overhead nearer to your ears then pull your elbows down, repeat 10 times.
  • Seated pigeon: Place your left ankle on your right thigh. Sit up tall, then lean ahead, keeping your spine straight. You should feel a stretch in your left hip. Hold for a few seconds. Then sit back up straight. Repeat for 10 reps. Then switch sides.
  • Inhale-exhale 10-12 times after every 3-5 hours to relax your back and neck.
  • Sitting Tadasana: Raise your hands above your head, make sure your elbows are near to your ears and stretch your hands as much as possible, drawing your thumbs towards the back of your head. Keep your legs under your hips, with your back straight, and in this position, take deep breaths 3-5 times.
  • Wrist and Finger Stretches: After long working hours in front of the computer, some stretches can help ease up the stiffness, this is by far, the easiest and most relaxing exercise. One simply needs to stretch his arms in front and make a fist of it, revolve the fist in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.
  • Chair Savasana: Savasana, helps the body to get relax and the mind to get fresh after a long working day, just sit with your back straight, put your hands on your thighs, close your eyes and take deep breaths and let your body absorb all the positivity of this asana.

Speaking about the importance of Employee wellness, Nandadeep Pandharkar – Sr. Vice President, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited said “Most of us just sit in one place and work. We eat and drink. So why not do yoga also at our desk. This has turned out to be a lifestyle changer, a stress buster and a relaxing agent in most of the corporate offices. Our Corporate Wellness team keep getting request from HR teams to organize webinars or interactive sessions on work place yoga and exercise to reduce stress and improve overall health. Results already shows that employees have become more cheerful, alert, punctual to the office, more professional, showing increased attention span, energy levels have also increased. It makes a good business sense as it is an investment and not an expense. We are currently serving over 75 leading corporate organizations & hospitals pan India to make their workplace safe & promoting wellness of their employees.

 About Ziqitza Health Care

Ziqitza is a “one-stop integrated healthcare solution” for corporate or government that include Ambulance at Site, Medical Helplines, Mobile Medical units Ambulance on Subscription, Wellness at Workplace, Telehealth Services, Medical Rooms, Doctors on Site and Occupational Health Centre, among others. Ziqitza Healthcare Rajasthan & ZHL Rajasthan appreciates Dr. Santosh Datar & his team for sharing valuable on Desk Yoga.

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