Determined to reach the top of the entertainment world is a young model and artist Preeti Choudhary.

Her passion, dedication and determination have allowed her to come to the forefront of the industry.

All around us, we see people who are driven by their work and the ones who wish to make waves in their chosen industries. The entertainment world is one which has grown consistently over the years, thanks to the enormously talented beings who have entered the field and shown what it really takes to reach the top of the same. To make a name for oneself amidst so much competition has never been easy, but when worked with determination and passion in heart, everything and anything becomes possible, leading people towards success. Preeti Choudhary is one such name in the vast entertainment space, who has spellbound audiences with his sharp features and attractive personality as a model and artist.

Her heart was hooked onto the field of modelling and acting from a very early age, but little did she know then that her interest would someday become her destiny and profession, landing her with immense work, whether in films or Punjabi music videos. Today, she has gradually moved to the top in the entertainment space, making her presence felt even in a saturated industry.

“For me, my passion and my visions to create phenomenal success in the industry has always motivated me. Fortunately, I have been getting great work with even greater artists and singers. The journey so far has made me learn so many things, which has only made me better with my craft,” says the young beauty. Preeti Choudhary worked with Siddhant Issar, son of well-known Bollywood actor Puneet Issar in her debut film.

She went ahead to grab an amazing role in another film named Muktibodh, soon to get released this year. Ace Bollywood singer Javed Ali has sung one of the tracks in the film, which would be Preeti Choudhary’s first Bollywood song of her career. However, Preeti Choudhary has worked and earned tremendous success doing multiple Punjabi hit music videos, working along the best in the industry.

Some of her songs, like Kalla Kalla Sucha-Yaar, Nakhre, Romeo, Girgit Vang, Qurbat, Mascara, and Fikkiyan, have earned her great success. Also, the song Baby by Prince J and lyricist Jaani made thousands of views on YouTube. She has also worked along with many other singers like Master Saleem and Sajjan Adeeb. Her upcoming music video is with Javed Ali and Romil Choudhary and this is going to be her first Hindi song.

Recently, she even did a short film with Bollywood actor Shahwar Ali, which earned her great recognition. There’s probably nothing this beautiful and talented lady can’t achieve. To find out more, follow her on Instagram @preetichoudhary_official.

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