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Discussion To Be Held On CAA After the Muslim Women Protest Held in Nagpur

Citizenship Amendment Act will be shaking the European Parliament soon. A debate is going to be held at EU on a resolution formed by its members which will be followed by voting; as reported. India’s Citizenship Amendment Act has made a ‘dangerous shift’ according to them.

The resolution has been drafted by European United Left/ Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) Group. The debate will be held next Wednesday followed by voting on Thursday. The resolution refers to the India-EU Strategic Partnership Joint Action Plan that was formed in 2005. As per the reports, the resolution states that CAA will be creating the largest statelessness crisis in the world and will be affecting people on a large scale. After CAA, the way citizenship is determined is India will be totally changed. The CAB was passed in December 2019 and it soon became an Act. However, the protests have been rising since the enactment of CAA, all over India. Despite all this, the government states that the Act is brought up only to provide citizenship to minority people from other countries and will not deny someone of its citizenship in India.

The resolution expresses concern after the Act that many Muslims could be denied citizenship in India and will make them stateless. The citizenship rights of many Muslims could be taken away after the enactment of law under National Register of Citizens. The resolution is likely to get passed this week. After that, the drafted resolution will be forwarded to European Commission Chiefs. It will also be sent to the Indian government and Parliament.

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