As a Youngster, it is always difficult to be focused enough to work for your passion, given the distractions of teen life. Introducing Divyam Agarwal who is a very young successful artist and a Music Producer by Profession. In the generation of social media playing an important role in the lives of almost every person, the word “Influencer” has lost its true essence. Being an exception, Divyam has worked really hard to become a successful self-made Millionaire who presently owns three Companies namely SWAGGER DEEVS, The Real Preneur, and Deevs Mp3, and is making an average turnover of more than one million dollars per year.


At the mere age of 19, Divyam has become India’s one of Youngest Artist and has work experience with more than 15k global clients and more than fifty multinational companies. Starting his carrier at the age of 15, Divyam has always upheld a modest and humble character through his kind, selfless, and down-to-earth behavior.

Talking about one of his companies, Divyam is the Owner & Founder of Bareilly’s Biggest Marketing Agency “SWAGGER DEEVS” which is now India’s Leading Digital Marketing Agency. Other than that, Divyam’s other company named “Deevs Mp3” has been the sole cause why many people have had the chance to live their dreams and do the work they desire. Deevs Mp3 has come in support of several renounced social workers, politicians, influencers, singers, and YouTubers to boost up their brands and create a remarkable name for them. The company has a network follower of about 100k to 10million. Among them, there have been some noteworthy people namely, Sameeksha Sud, Ibrahim Soul, Anjali Kapoor, Heroxicated Armaan, Divyanka Sirohi, Bihari Ladka, Aarti Arora, Karan Ahuja, and many others.

The journey of working with celebrities and then becoming one is not a matter of only luck. The amount of determination and consistency Divyam Agarwal has shown towards his passion is quite commendable, which he even continues to date. Nowadays he is expanding his area of reach and working for bigger projects and also working with many big multinational companies and singers to help them in their brand value.

Divyam Agarwal is inspiring numerous persons, mainly youth to follow their passion and work really hard for it. His ever-progressing goals and motivation have started many other success stories. Other than that, Presently Divyam is working to released several songs and collaboration with some of the top influencers and celebs of the entertainment industry.

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