MVTR KENOBI : “If You Want To Actually Succeed in Music, Take Your Focus Away From Profits and Fame”


MVTR Kenobi – real name, Franck Kanga – has made a name for himself with his sound. His signature sound is that he doesn’t have one! He never lets himself be constricted under one label, he explores and experiments endlessly with his music and has time and time again made groovy tracks that sound unlike anything else out there. And his unique approach to music production has led to some hit singles like Studio, Lover and Ocean.

These tracks and Kenobi’s work have garnered an international cult following.

MVTR Kenobi has been producing music for a long time and apart from working on his own material, he also produces his music label. He founded Polymath Records and works with his signed talent to nurture a promising music career filled with artistic integrity and love for music.

With much music set to be released, Kenobi and the artists at Polymath have been keeping busy in the studio. Kenobi says, “I see a lot of talent in my signed artists, and the only thing a seed needs to bloom is a little care and warmth. As someone who himself has struggled as an independent artist, I know the difference a little guidance and mentorship can make, and with Polymath Records, I can create a space that inspires and nurtures artists.”

MVTR Kenobi has a very clear vision of what music making and artistry should be, he explains, “If you want to actually succeed in music, take your focus away from profits and fame. You can make a quick single or two following formula and reach the top of the charts, but true success is when your music reaches people – reaches their soul. Being authentic is the key- then money and notoriety will follow. People remember the music for what it stands for and how it makes them feel, not if the song went platinum or not.”

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