Dr. Abhineet Gupta Life saver for Bhopal People.


Abhineet Gupta

Since the coronavirus outbreak began in China last year, face masks have gone something to a sold-out commodity in high demand, despite warnings from high-ranking health officials and government bodies. The availability has reduced in market. During the time to show humanity and mankind people are earning a lot.

The initiative taken by a social worker in Bhopal named, Dr. Abhineet Gupta who always in news for helping people in time of emergency says, “Our country need to fight together to save India from COVID-19. What will people do with the money if we are loosing our life in the dangerous environment. Its time to bring out our humanity and kindness and help people in the street and all who are in need.”

Dr. Abhineet Gupta was spotted distributing the face mask free of cost in Bhopal the last morning. Poor People where seen blessing him with happy faces.

Gupta who is owner of Poison skin clinic is famous name in Bhopal. He has helped poors in enjoying healthy food and water. He also distributes clothes, sweets and essentials during festivals and occasions. Gupta came into fame after he went bald asking justice for Nirbhaya.

It will be not wrong to say that India needs more of individuals with big and welcoming hearts like Abhineet Gupta.

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